It's hard to get somewhere when you don't know where you're going.

The Problem 

In life, we are all explorers on our own journey. Some of us though, even with the same tools, seem to be able to find our way better than the rest. Why? For us, the answer is PURPOSE.

These days, our children have a full schedule of Math, Chinese, French, Coding, Music, and possibly a hundred other lessons - which are all, without a doubt, wonderful opportunities for them to acquire the tools necessary for success. We give our children these opportunities to learn extra because we love them and we want to see them succeed. As parents in this day and age, we all deserve a periodic high five and much more. 

But, does this sound familiar: "Why am I going to coding camp?" "Why do I have to learn more Math after school?" "Why do I have to study Chinese?" 

It turns out, our brilliant children are asking the right questions. And it turns out, the problem with our children's busy academic lives today is that the learning of PURPOSE is almost completely missing.

Without a clear understanding of the PURPOSE behind why they are learning what they are, our children are simply going through the motions as directed by us as parents. As a result, the gains our children part with from the grueling academic routines we put them through are dubious at best. We know the importance of academics and soft skills such as mannerisms, but do they? 


With the cost now required to educate a child, it would seem as if we are all grooming the next President. However, our investments in them are not being maximized because understanding of the PURPOSE behind it all is missing. 



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