We believe that getting into a university of your choice is not the finish line, but the starting line. 

The Journey

Young Explorers will travel to a country that they do not call home with our exceptional Tour Educators. We guarantee 1 Tour Educator for every 5 Young Explorers. Our Tour Educators will be spending every single minute of every single day with your Young Explorer. 


At the beginning of the adventure, our Tour Educators will meet your Young Explorer at the airport for departure. At the end of the adventure, our Tour Educators will be with your Young Explorer at the airport for your pick up. 


**If you wish to accompany your child for the flights, please feel free. However, during the adventure, we ask that you do not accompany your child. This is supposed to be their adventure!

Head of Admissions Counseling

Niji is our Co-Founder and Head of Admissions Counseling. Niji spent her early childhood in Taiwan then immigrated to the US and grew up in California. Having experienced both education systems, she has a unique understanding and is a product of the best of both worlds. While in college, Niji worked for ACI Institute, a renowned SAT tutoring chain, and taught SAT math classes. Niji graduated from UCLA with a major in Sociology and minor in Psychology. After gaining a few years of professional experience, Niji decided to go back to school and get an MBA; she received the honor of becoming a Mason Scholar at the College of William and Mary, one of the original Public Ivy schools in the US.


Niji has extensive experience as an educational consultant, helping international students gain entry into prestigious schools in the US and UK. She has helped students gain admissions to Cornell, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Michigan, NYU, UW, London School of Economics, Imperial College, UCL, King's College, and many more leading universities. Now, she is ready to use her education background and ample experience to help Exploracademy students on their academic journeys and reach their full potential. 

Our Student-Centered Approach


This collaborative process requires a partnership between our counsellors, parents, and students. We respect and value the input of both students and parents.

We do not take any shortcuts - we will ask students insightful questions to get them to really think about who they want to be and what they want to do. We engage in genuine conversations to really get to know and connect with students in order to bring out the best in them.


We start with administering MBTI personality and career self-assessments, guiding them in deeper self-reflection, and leading them to explore different industries and professions by arranging online conferencing with people currently working in students’ potential areas of interest. We have partnered with a number of different professionals working at leading influential firms such as Amazon, Adobe, and Google and entrepreneurs who have found ways to monetize their passions. 


Junior and senior years are two very important and busy years for students when their schedules are overflowing with AP/IB classes, extracurricular activities, SAT prep, and more. 

We will be your student’s responsible and caring mentor throughout this process, reminding them of upcoming deadlines and checking in with them at regular intervals from the very first consultation to the time they click submit on all their applications.

What We Do

  • Career Exploration - connect students with professionals

  • Academic Consulting - advise students on achieving academic success

  • School Selection - recommend universities based on student’s profile

  • Application Support - essay and extracurricular guidance

  • Interview Preparation - do mock interviews with students

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What We Do

We have partnering professionals in the following industries:

  • Finance

  • F&B 

  • Hospitality

  • Retail

  • Legal

  • Education

  • Photography & Videography

  • Technology 

  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Medical 

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