An Exploracademy adventure awaits.

The Journey

Young Explorers will travel to a country that they do not call home with our exceptional Tour Educators. We guarantee 1 Tour Educator for every 5 Young Explorers. Our Tour Educators will be spending every single minute of every single day with your Young Explorer. 


At the beginning of the adventure, our Tour Educators will meet your Young Explorer at the airport for departure. At the end of the adventure, our Tour Educators will be with your Young Explorer at the airport for your pick up. 


**If you wish to accompany your child for the flights, please feel free. However, during the adventure, we ask that you do not accompany your child. This is supposed to be their adventure!

The Accommodations


Our Educators will be staying with your Young Explorer in pre-arranged housing at top ranked Boarding Schools or Universities. 

The Experience


Young Explorers will visit the campus of and interact with various industry leaders in multinational companies, universities, and NGOs. Young Explorers will hear the work descriptions, education backgrounds, motivations, and how the industry leaders obtained their qualifications. For each site visit, our Young Explorers will be presented with a case study they must solve. 

Young Explorers will attend courses relevant to the themes of the tour. These may be a combination of coding, math, history, science, writing, public speaking, or language courses. 

Young Explorers will experience cultural diversity through sightseeing popular local attractions, visiting museums, visiting amusement parks, visiting local markets, and trying local cuisines.  

The Learning

Throughout the tour, Young Explorers will be working through the curriculum in their Exploracademy Handbook. The Handbook encompasses everything from site visit projects to end-of-day self-reflections -and everything in between.

At the end of each day, Tour Educators will lead Young Explorers in group activities, journaling, and also help Young Explorers with their Final Tour Project.

Besides the academics, we teach good manners, cultural acceptance, self-awareness, teamwork, and real-life problem solving - producing a new level of self-confidence in our Young Explorers. And yes, we will also make new friends and have a lot of fun. 

At the end of each adventure, our Young Explorers will receive an Exploracademy Certificate of Curriculum Completion after presenting their individual Final Tour Project to you.



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