Find purpose here by exploring beyond.

Our Solution

Exploracademy was founded on the belief that having a purpose is absolutely necessary for success. In order to develop purpose then, our children need to know what is out there in the world from an early age. Our study tours not only give our children an opportunity to experience for themselves the importance of certain skill sets, but also an opportunity to self teach effective life lessons. Positive change from within is the most effective and permanent change there is.

The education of purpose, or answering the "Why?" is hard to teach in a classroom. 

We can tell our children a million times that learning Chinese, Coding, or being a Team Player are very important skills that will prepare them for future success. But, until our children use their Chinese, Coding, and Teamwork skills to their advantage outside their comfort zones, they will not clearly understand the "Why". 

Through our study tours, we empower purpose in the learning of our Young Explorers by:


Taking them out of the classroom/home and 


1. Showing them why their learnings are important. 

2. Showing them how to apply what is learned in the classroom to outside the classroom in the real world. 

3. Showing them how to work with others.

4. Showing them just how big the world is and how the possibilities are only limited by their imagination.


Yes, we are talking about PRACTICE - Practice helps the realization of purpose.

Our goal is for our Young Explorers to return to the classroom with purpose. We love our children, so we, once again, give them this opportunity.



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